Find out how to create a clean, classic look with a smooth, shiny finish.

Using a palm-sized amount of TRESemmé Salon Finish Extra Control Mousse, massage evenly throughout damp hair and brush through from the roots to the ends for even distribution. Apply mousse 2-3 times for full coverage.
Toss head upside down. Blow dry hair with a vent brush to stretch roots and create maximum fullness.
When hair is almost dry, toss head up and smooth hair with the blow dryer and round brush. Finish with TRESemmé Heat Tamer Protective Spray and brush through when completely dry.
Set hair in large hot or Velcro rollers. For hot rollers, leave in for about 20 minutes. For Velcro rollers, attach a diffuser to the blow dryer and blow hair for about 5 minutes, heating each roller. If a diffuser is not available set the blow dryer on high heat, low air and heat each roller.