See just how to add body to your hair. These (literally) uplifting tips easily add bounce and boldness to your styles.


Beautiful, voluminous hair can last for hours. These steps will help you achieve long-lasting, sexy volume. To create long-lasting volume, concentrate on your roots when applying product to damp hair to make sure you build a firm foundation for your look. Apply TRES Salon Finish Extra Control Mousse directly to vent brush, then evenly distribute through your hair. Repeat as necessary.
To get extra volume, use Velcro rollers. When hair is 100% dry, wrap 5 cm sections around large Velcro rollers and blast each roller with a warm hairdryer for 3 seconds each. Use a light mist of Salon Finish Extra Hold Hair Spray for extra support. Let the rollers cool down (5 to 20 minutes), and remove them for amazing volume.
When drying your hair, blow it dry 80% of the way using your fingers with your head upside down to set in the volume with heat. Then finish with a round brush to lock in the volume. Lift sections of your hair at the roots, wrap it around a round brush and roll the brush up to your scalp. Hold it there for five seconds while you blast it with a hairdryer to set in volume.
Apply TRESemmé Salon Finish Extra Control Mousse on damp hair to get volume at the roots and blow dry. Section off the top half of your hair (above your ears, all the way round to the back). Pull the front section back to the centre of the back of your head and cross two bobby pins into an ‘X’ to hold it in place.
Before styling your hair, apply TRESemmé Salon Finish Extra Control Mousse. Apply it directly to your vent brush and brush it through your hair for the most even distribution. Then flip your head over and blow dry your hair upside down to lock in volume.
Right before you leave to go out, flip your head upside down again and spray the roots with a Salon Finish Extra Hold Hair Spray. This will give your roots extra hold to keep your hair lifted all night.
Anytime you need to refresh your hair throughout the night, just flip it upside down and use your fingers to gently tease the roots. Voilà! Instant volume.
The secret to truly voluminous hair is to choose lightweight products that won't weigh it down. Mousse is every stylist's secret weapon — you can never use too much when creating gorgeous body.
Focus on the roots when you are applying volumising products to get natural-looking lift, and then distribute throughout the hair if you want to create sexy volume all over.
Use a large round brush when blow drying your hair to smooth and add lift at the same time. Place the brush at your roots and wrap a section that is the same width as the brush, gently brushing down the hair shaft as you dry.
Hot rollers, Velcro rollers and foam rollers are all great tools for getting volume. Apply spray gel on damp hair, blow dry, then put rollers in your hair starting at the crown. Lift hair up and roll down to the crown for gorgeous, sexy volume at your crown.