Caring for your hair is much more than a simple shampoo and condition. Find out what you need to set your hair up for spectacular style.

Get a cut—uneven layers and split ends make hair look dull and unhealthy. Go in for a trim every six to eight weeks.
Conditioner residue is the enemy of a great style. Before styling your hair yourself, make sure to rinse all of the conditioner out of your hair in the shower. When you feel like you’ve finished rinsing, rinse again. Stylists in the salon rinse your hair several times—you should too!
When showering, use lukewarm water, not extra hot. Hot water is drying and can leave your scalp feeling tight.
No matter what hair texture you have, always comb conditioner through your hair in the shower with a wide-tooth comb. It will detangle and smooth your hair before styling.
Don't use shampoos and conditioners that aren't suited for your hair type. To get the best set-up for styling, pick products that meet your specific needs. If you have normal hair, use a gentle daily shampoo and conditioner.
Never skip conditioner. Your hair needs the moisture of conditioner to keep it strong and healthy. If you don't like the feeling of cream conditioners, use a lightweight leave-in spray on damp hair.
By applying extra conditioner, this does not mean your hair will be extra conditioned – hair only absorbs as much conditioner as it needs.
Apply a little conditioner to wet hair to detangle, then comb through to condition the rest of the hair.
Wash your hair every other day with TRESemmé Moisture Rich Shampoo and Moisture Rich Conditioner to prevent excess dryness. If you have to wash your hair every day, just use TRESemmé Moisture Rich Conditioner in place of the shampoo every other day.
Deep condition your hair once a week to lock in moisture. Apply a deep conditioning treatment on damp hair and get into a hot shower — the heat will help to activate the conditioner.
Apply a leave-in conditioner all over damp hair and pull it into a loose bun while it dries to smooth and reduce frizz.
Avoid washing hair with extremely hot water; it can be drying for your scalp and your hair. Warm or cool water is gentler.
Try not to shampoo every day — curly hair tends to be coarser, and washing too often can deplete your hair's moisture. If you must wet your hair, use conditioner in place of shampoo on alternating days.