Salon tips for longer locks

Get a massage. A healthy scalp means healthy hair and massage is a quick and easy way to encourage hair to grow.
The soft touch. Never towel dry wet hair. Use a blotting motion to keep strands intact.
Quit the heat addiction. Try to take a few days off straightening or blow drying to limit dehydration.
Be a princess. A satin pillowcase will keep hair smooth, not snagged.
Pin pals. Bobby pins are your best styling ally to get through the “awkward” growth stage.
Daily doses. Take vitamins like Biotin and Vitamins B, C and D to promote new hair growth and add strength to your roots.
 Get a handle on your hair. Try to hold your hair from the roots when combing to relieve the strain on the strands.
Get your hair in the best condition. Regular moisturising conditioning treatments are a great way to inject a burst of nourishment into dry, limp hair.
Build a strong tie. Hair ties can play a major role in creating hair breakage and split ends. Make sure you always use hair ties without metal to help this.
 Brush off the brush. Always use a comb to remove the knots in your hair.
Healthy body, healthy hair. Regular exercise, plenty of sleep and a good diet will keep your hair growing beautifully.
 Become an expert. Make sure you use the right conditioner for your hair to keep it at its healthiest.
Follow Marcia Brady. The girl had a point with combing her hair so frequently. Getting rid of knots is one of the best ways to keep it healthy.
Healthy hair on one condition. Conditioning hair is important to keep it strong and nourished.
 Give it the special treatment. Make sure you use heat protection sprays to protect hair during heat styling.
Dying for colour. Prolong your colour by having a colour gloss put on. It creates balance and incredible shine between visits.
Treat your tresses. Get soft, strong hair with a weekly leave in conditioning treatment.
Chill out. Stress is a big factor in thinning hair. Try to take a break every now and again to keep your hair growth on track.